Drainage Problems


As we can see in the image above, this crawl space is very wet! This condition is the result of the soils inability to drain ground water fast enough resulting in a high water table. Professional drainage contractors will typically install a perimeter drain system in the crawl space 10 – 12 inches deep near the footings to collect water and route it to a reservoir at a low area where a submersible pump with a float valve then ejects the water. Once the float valve rises to a level that turns on the pump to a designated exterior location.

A proper installation is imperative for longevity. Four inch perforated flexible pipe encased in a filter “sock” should be installed in a trench dug along the entire perimeter. The trench should be large enough to add a layer of drainage rock beneath the pipe as well as over the pipe in order to keep the filter from being clogged with soil. Once the system is installed, a water alarm and probe can ensure the occupant is alerted if the pump fails for any reason.